We are always on duty to assist you at any Italian place

Since 1998 SE.CO.MAR. provides techincal service as Marine and Cargo Surveyors to the main Shipping companies, operators and Protecting and Indemnity Clubs.

Our offices and surveyors are based in Ravenna, Ancona and Marghera but through our network of surveyors we can also assist at any Italian port.


We provide a full range of marine surveys:

- Bunker On/Off Hire Surveys; 

- Bulk cargo sampling and testing;

- Cargo damage investigation;

- Compass adjusting;

- Draft Calculation;

- Hatch cover sealing/unsealing;

- Marine casualty investigation;

- Preshipment surveys; 

- Project cargo;

- Stability Calculation;

- Ship's condition survey;

- Supercargo;

- Tally;

- Merchandise technical inspection survey;

- Stocky and warehouse inspections / inventory;

- Unannounced Drug and Alchool Test;

- Compliance of supplies with contractual requirements;

- Transportation loss adjusters;

- Shore scales / weighbridge monitoring